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What is a Trim Carpenter?

Custom trim carpentry can truly take a room from good to great. So, what is a trim carpenter and what do they do? There are different types of carpenters you can find working on onsite building projects. The trim carpenter is one such expert that can be found during the final touches phase of a construction project. Trim carpenters install trim and ensure that the fine details of a space are in tip-top shape.

Examples of trim carpentry work include;

  • Crown molding
  • Baseboards
  • Door trim
  • Window trim (otherwise known as casing)


Trim installation is not a simple job. It is actually quite complex and the work requires a trained professional to accomplish that beautiful final product. A trim carpenter needs meticulous attention to detail, a variety of tools, and measurement capabilities. Without a doubt, our highly experienced team can offer all of this and more when you work with Custom trim & Woodworks.

Our Experience and What We Offer

Overall, trim work is about making the fine details shine in terms of looks, texture, and shape in the final stages of a carpentry project. In addition, trimming is creative and artistic work that requires a keen eye for detail. From the trim basics to custom crown molding and wall paneling, Custom Trim and Woodworks is experienced and well-equipped to carry out all of your woodwork needs and produce an exceptional final product. Our goal is to combine the highest quality of craftsmanship with beautiful designs in order to bring the vision you have of your space to life. We have 15 years of experience in the trim business all across NE Florida. No matter the project, we pride ourselves on your ability to transform a house into a home. Contact our team today to discuss your goals.